I’m Erin the owner and founder of Beatha Granola and I love breakfast time.

Whilst I might not always be a morning person. I do love the warmth from the first rays of sunlight as they peak through the blinds, the laughter of little children and tiny feet moving through the house; and having a quiet moment to read a book, enjoy a delicious, healthy breakfast and a hot coffee.

But being a busy working, mother of two and wife, this glorious picture, isn’t always possible. So, my granola recipe was born. It was my answer to having a wholesome, healthy and delicious breakfast option for ‘on-the-go’. I would cook a batch during the weekend and simply add my favourite natural yoghurt and fruit before dashing out the door.

Erin Deimos and her children eating organic granola

Soon I often had my family and friends asking me, if I could make some granola for them.

Originally from Warrnambool, I always dreamt of living in south-western district. In 2016, my husband and I made the decision to relocate our family to Port Fairy, along the south-west coast of Victoria. We wanted the space and freedom for our girls to learn and play; whilst providing us the time to be there and watch the grow. Port Fairy was the perfect place to start.

The south-western district in Victoria, Australia is an untapped region for quality fresh food and produce. Wandering through the local farmers and community markets, I wondered if the local community would enjoy my granola as much as my family and friends. So, in 2017, we took another leap of faith, and Beatha Granola was born in our little kitchen.
Why ‘Beatha’? What does it mean?

If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to visit the south-western district of Victoria, you’ll know that area’s population has a strong Irish heritage, from the rolling green hills scattered with the occasional green, white and orange flag to my own family’s roots.

I’ve always been fascinated with the Gaelic language, and when I started this business, I wanted something that would pay respect to my heritage and the local community.

When I stumbled across the word ‘Beatha’ pronounced BA-ha and read its definition and translation, it was clear immediately that this was the perfect fit.

The Gaelic word ‘Beatha’ can be translated into ‘live, livelihood, food, substance’. Or defined as ‘that which sustains us’.

Proudly made in the small coastal town of Port Fairy, Victoria. We are a small manufacturer of organic granola. Taking the time and care with each small batch we cook; we are dedicated to make wholesome and delicious breakfast option for you and your loved ones.

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