Gluten Free Granola NOW AVAILABLE

Gluten Free Granola NOW AVAILABLE

Based on our ever popular and delicious ‘Classic Organic Granola’, we’re now pleased to offer a gluten-free option.

If you’ve ever experienced or watched anyone near to you live with coeliac disease. You’ll know how painful eating the wrong foods can be, but also the lack of choice and variety available for a healthy, wholesome and tasty breakfast can be.

We were committed to ensuring that our gluten-free options had the same nutritional benefits as our other granolas, and just as importantly that tasted as yummy.

Our GLUTEN FREE GRANOLA is packed full of goodness, with high protein and fibre, good fats and complex carbohydrates and is completely free of wheat and gluten. So easy to digest and will keep your inner gut and digestive system balanced.

We use organic quinoa and buckwheat puffs as the key ingredients, which are a fantastic source of protein. With quinoa having more protein than any other grain and one serve providing over 25% of your daily protein intake.

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  3. Hi Di – I’m so glad you love it. We spent many months testing and tweaking the GF recipe, to ensure it was just as yummy and nutritious as our other products. Why should those suffering from coeliac’s miss out?! :) Next time you make up a slice or protein balls, make sure to tag us on social media. I’d love to see them, sounds delicious!! Thanks for your continued support.

  4. Hi Erin,
    I purchased your GF Granola at this year’s Grampians Grape Escape, it is amazing! As a coeliac I am delighted to find such tasty & wholesome options available.
    I’ve also used it in a slice and am about to try the peanut butter protein balls…. Thanks for such a delicious product.
    Kind Regards Di

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